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SP.eye™ is an intravitreal delivery guide and sharp safe system for intravitreal injections. SP.eye™ is integrated with a high quality 30 gauge needle. Providing excellent sharpness, precision of injection and stability as well as fully integrated locking sharps protection. It is the first such device in the world.

SP.eye™ requires no assembly, and reduces the steps in the intravitreal workflow. After use SP.eye™ may be locked safe, and disposed of in a suitable sharps bin.

When compared with both bare needle and needle guide devices SP.eye™ provides demonstrably safer, more streamlined and efficient injections

Developed with Ophthalmologists, SP.eye™ is a highly efficient method to provide safe and secure intravitreal injections, and may be used by any suitably qualified medical professional.

SP.eye is available from SD Healthcare

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